Food Drive Tool Kit


Click here for Food Drive logos, partner logos, ‘Family Circus’ art.

Video, audio, public service announcements

Click here to find links to Food Drive public service announcements and other videos

Official proclamations

Click here for templates and examples of official Food Drive proclamations, suitable for tailoring for local city and town councils

Tips for capturing photos, video and news clips

Click here to help us promote your Food Drive work following just a few simple tips.

Sample posts for social media

Click here to help spread the word about the Food Drive on Facebook or Twitter.

Educational activities for kids, parents, teachers

Click here for ‘Family Circus’ art in coloring-book format and a kids’ letter-writing activity.


Click here for appreciation and volunteer activity certificates templates.

Useful links

Click here to find your nearest post office and much more.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the Food Drive.

Food Drive history

Click here for a brief history of the Food drive.